Liminal Landscapes: Exhibiting Ephemera of Great Zimbabwe


Postgraduate students at the University of the Witwatersrand, participating in the “Curating Exhibitions: The Politics and Aesthetics of Display” course, are pleased to present an exhibition on a selection of ephemera from the historical site of Great Zimbabwe.

The exhibition Liminal Landscapes will open on Sunday 5 November at 12:00 at David Krut Projects Arts on Main and will run until Thursday 9 November.

This exhibition will showcase various ephemeral items including souvenirs bought at the site, as well as items sourced from antique dealers in Johannesburg and collections online. The show aims to visually articulate the multi-faceted nature of ephemera, its curatorial implications within a 21st century context, and the ways in which it effects one’s engagement with the site specifically.

The concepts of memory, marginality and motif have been used to guide and shape the reasons for acquiring and exhibiting the specific items seen on the show. They encompass issues of ephemera and Great Zimbabwe.

Through fleeting liminal material that is more often ambiguous than certain, the exhibition offers speculative representations of a heritage site whose its origins and purpose are undefined. The curators do not aim to add to theoretical questions about the archaeological and social histories of the site, but rather aim to understand the site, through its ephemera, in relation to how it has been marginalised, memorialised, and turned into motif.

Through observations, theoretical explorations, experiences, and research, Liminal Landscapes sets forth the viewer on a journey of discovery and insight, and to view the works and objects with notions of investigation and knowledge-creation.

David Krut Projects, Arts on Main, 264 Fox Street, Maboneng, Johannesburg.

Opening event: Sunday 5 November at 12:00.